Up Front


“You will need to pay for this procedure up front otherwise we will have to cancel.”

Oh, really?  No payment plans? No options?

Here’s the thing. We have both been diagnosed as infertile. I (Theresa) have been lucky(?) enough that my problem is also considered medical. Therefore most of my procedures/treatments/etc. have been covered by insurance… So far.

Side Note: We’ll be writing an in-depth blog post later this week explaining both of our “conditions.”

Allen has not been as lucky(?) with his diagnosis. Actually, we’re still working on getting a definitive diagnosis… Anyways, long story short… He’s not covered. Infertility, otherwise known as Family Planning, is NOT covered by our insurance. Boo.

Last week we had a consultation with his new urologist that specializes in male infertility. I like him. I trust him. Allen does too. He’s not hopeful though. He let us know that Allen needs to have a TESE (DON’T google it).

Cliff Notes Version: They will put Allen under. Scalpel. Needles. That’s all I can write without getting queasy.

Poor guy.

His doctor will be looking for the presence of sperm. BUT… He also told us not to get our hopes up. This TESE is a “last hooray” of sorts.

That was last week. The lovely lady (she’s fabulous) that does all of the surgery scheduling called us a couple days later to get this procedure on the books. “How does next Thursday sound?” UHM. It sounds AMAZING. Usually everything takes forever and it’s all a huge waiting game. BUT here was the catch, “You will need to pay for this procedure up front otherwise we will have to cancel.”

Okay. So how much are we talking?

I won’t get too specific, but they were talking about FOUR THOUSAND-ISH DOLLARS.

Oh dear. And it’s in a week. And because insurance doesn’t cover any of it, it has to be paid in full to keep it on the books. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. GULP.

This is where I channel my inner zen and repeat to myself, “Breathing in, I calm myself. Breathing out, I smile.”

HOW were they able to schedule us so soon anyways? The next available appointment isn’t until November. Well, another couple wasn’t able to come up with the mulah so their procedure was cancelled… And therefore offered to us. It’s pretty sad. I’m sad for that couple. I know how hard this waiting game is. I’m grateful for the time-slot though.

The longer we wait to get pregnant, the worse my endometriosis gets. So let’s do it. Let’s dive in and get this TESE done NOW. And by let’s, I obviously mean Allen. Again, poor guy. :-/

His TESE is scheduled for this Thursday (the 19th).

It’s so aggravating that none of this is covered by insurance. SO aggravating.

This blogging thing feels pretty good. Allen’s excited about it too. I’m curious to see what he writes. I’ve found dozens and dozens of blogs written from the female perspective of infertility but we haven’t really found any from a male’s point of view. If any of you have links to blogs like that, post them below please. 🙂

Let’s end today’s post with a laugh. If they DO find sperm on Thursday then we will pay for that sperm to be stored. Never in a million years did I ever think I would ask my husband the following, “Do we have the $250 for your sperm’s rent?” Granted, that’s $250/year. Pennies compared to all of the other expenses. But still.


Today’s question is for the guys out there struggling with infertility:

How much is your rent? 🙂


Mrs. Cruz


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