Sushi for my wife…

Late in May I took a sperm count per recommendation of our fertility doctor. Just in case it wasn’t just Theresa who was having troubles. And it turns out it was a good suggestion. He thought my zero sperm count could have been my low testosterone so I was put on something called Clomephene or Clomid. And anytime someone is put on any hormone drugs there’s bound to be some struggles.


Now it’s Theresa’s turn. To prep her for her IUI they put her on fertility drugs. It’s only been a few days but it’s already taken an ugly shape for her. She’s sore, has low energy, and is super nauseous. Not to mention her emotional stability is a little shaken. I hate seeing my girl cry, but her tears show in random moments sometimes with reason and other times with no reason at all. I know what it’s like to be on a drug like this. Hormones do strange things to people, they give you intense feelings both good and bad. So because of all of this, I decided to take my wife out on a HOT date. 

Isn’t she pretty?



Theresa and I have one major thing in common. Sushi. 




One of our first dates as a couple was a sushi grub out in Chicago.




After my afternoon show at an amazing art festival we grabbed a quick bite. Just kidding, it wasn’t quick. Now, raw fish isn’t good for pregnant women so it’s clear that if Theresa does get pregnant she won’t be having sushi for at least 9 months. For sushi addicts like us that’s like taking honey away from Winnie the Pooh. We went to the best sushi restaurant in town (in my opinion) and spent the most we’ve ever spent on sushi (with the help of a gift card from an awesome couple we know). Hey man, these are trying times. With all the medical bills we’ve been paying we haven’t been able to go on a decent dinner run in a while. Gotta do what you love sometimes, and we love sushi. Sushi, sushi, sushi. I know that it isn’t a permanent solution to the effects of the medication but it at least lets her forgot about it. Even for one night, y’know? 

-Mr. Cruz


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