So let me break it down for ya’ll.

Theresa and I met on twitter. You know, one of the big dogs in the social media game. A mutual friend tagged us in the same post and Boom-shakalaka – connection. Gotta love the internet! We both lived in Chicago at the time and we met up face to face one day to discuss a project we were working on together. We met at a hipster breakfast joint that had vegan omelettes, and delicious cheese fries. (Side note: I really miss Chicago when I think about food.) Talked and talked… that’s all we did. I think we hit up a Starbucks that night too. I pretended to have a British accent and some drunk couple believed me when I said that I was in the U.S. just to visit. It was a fun night for sure.

When I look back on it, it all happened so quick. But that’s just how our relationship has always been. We look for opportunity and we go for it! That night when we had dinner for the first time we both expressed how much we both wanted a family. How our end goal was to live happily with kids and a house. I think that’s when I realized that this girl might be the one to give me what I wanted. So here’s our moment, and we’re going for it! Well, we’re trying at least.

“And when you can see your unborn children in her eyes, you know you really love a woman.”
-Bryan Adams

Here’s some advice to those dudes out there looking for “The One.” Listen to those lyrics, sponge it in, and don’t settle for anything less. I would not be going through all these hurricanes and earth quakes if I didn’t think that it was all worth it. She is worth it. My wife is worth it. My baby girl or boy is worth it. Before Theresa hopped in a cab to go home that night, we hugged. If our lives that night were a scene from a film, Bryan Adams’ song would have been the song playing in the background. Cheesy for sure, but so delicious. Like those fries.

After our little meet-up we talked a lot online. I didn’t live in the city at the time so the best way we could really hang out with each other was through video chatting. Like seriously, technology is ridiculous and magical. Anyway, before we saw each other again I remember us talking about how we both didn’t want a relationship where we didn’t know where the path ended. We weren’t interested in heartbreaks and someone who just wanted a short term fling. Theresa and I were both serious, committed, and ready for the real deal.

I think that’s a life lesson all on it’s own. If you’re not committed to something… a project, your job, your marriage, your home… maybe it isn’t worth the energy. There’s no way that Lady Gaga could have gotten her superstar reputation for being strange and a little genius if she didn’t commit to those awesome costumes. I mean, she came in on a friggin’ egg to promote her song, “Born This Way.” Knowing how incredibly dangerous it was, I’m sure Neil Armstrong was struggling to muster up the courage to be the first to put his foot on the moon. But he committed head on. And now he’s a legend in the history books, and every time people talked about him they say, “Aw snap Neil? That badass that landed on the Moon? He. Is. A. Beast.” So in short, if you’re not committed to being a good husband and a good dad… Then don’t bother, man. As for me, I want people to say, “Aw shoot, Allen? His husband skills are at level 9,000 AND he’s a top tier dad. SUP.”

photo 3

I committed. From the first non-official date that we had, I committed. And now I’m committing to keep the love as tight as possible, and I’m committing to raising kids who will also commit to whatever their heart calls them to do.

Happy 3 years of loving each other Theresa.

-Mr. Cruz


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