DIY: “Hug A Sperm Donor” T-Shirt


DIY: “Hug A Sperm Donor” T-Shirt

Sooo we have our second IUI coming up next week. We’re excited and nervous! I’ve been in a pretty crafty mood lately so I decided to make a shirt in honor of the occasion. HUG A SPERM DONOR. The idea was brought to me by a very close family member. Here’s how I did it!


I grabbed my stack of coupons and headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday to get my supplies. I had NO IDEA what I was going to do or how I was going to do it. All I knew was that I wanted a shirt with some little swimmers on it. I picked up the following supplies:

  • size small 100% cotton jersey t-shirt — PINK! Gotta have bright cheery colors on game day!
  • large white iron-on letters — Selection was minimal. I’m kinda happy with the ones I found but I’d probably try out a different brand or style if I decide to do a similar project someday. They didn’t adhere as well as I would have liked. I had to get two packs since I needed two “O’s” #ilovecoupons
  • quick fuse fabric sheets — The pack I got has 10 4″x6″ sheets. They are made to be printed on BUT no need to print for this design. I actually only ended up using one of the ten sheets. I was able to fit 3 sperm outlines on one sheet. So unless you want an entire sperm army on your shirt, you’ll have plenty of sheets left over for future projects! More on that later…

Other supplies you will need:

  • iron — I have never used our iron before today. Allen is the iron man in this house.
  • scissors — Use nice ones. Sharp ones. I used retired kitchen scissors that were pretty dull. My sperm tails turned out alright but I think it would have been much easier with a sharper pair of scissors.
  • patience — You’ll be ironing for a lot longer than the packaging says.
  • music — …To help with the patience.

ImageLet’s get to it!

  1. Print your sperm! I found a cute sperm character from Graphics Factory. I did a Google Image search and found plenty of options but they were all pretty strange/creepy looking with bulging eyeballs and evil grins. NO THANKS. I just printed one sperm for this project.
  2. Cut your sperm out.
  3. Trace your sperm on the sticky side of the fabric sheet. I was able to fit three on one sheet. I debated tracing more but I decided the shirt would be a little nicer if I kept things simple. Image
  4. Cut your sperm out. I was careful not to let my fingers rest on the sticky part of the sperm. Hold on to the edges if possible. I didn’t want the oils in my skin to affect how well it would adhere to my shirt.


Next up:

  1. Place your letters and sperm on the shirt! Make sure the sticky sides are down!
  2. Take an artsy picture to make your average looking project #EXTRACOOL Image
  3. Time to iron, baby! Set your iron to “cotton” or “medium/high” Get it good ‘n’ hot.
  4. The instructions for the letters said to keep the iron on each letter for 45 seconds. HA. Yeah right. Multiply that by about seven. Seriously. I had the iron on each one for about 2 minutes. And it still needed more time/heat. Be generous. Image
  5. GENTLY iron over the little spermies. The tails are delicate. The little guys only need about a minute of heat. Instructions say 15 seconds. IN WHAT WORLD? Anyways, be gentle.
  6. Leave the paper backings on the letters and turn the shirt inside out. Iron over the letters from the opposite side. Instructions say for 20 seconds… I laugh, again. Lay that heat on thick and lay it on long.
  7. Let the shirt cool COMPLETELY before you try to peel the paper off of the letters. The sperm are “as is.” Don’t mess with them. They are done.

I ended up needing to add extra heat when I thought I was done. The edges weren’t sticking to the shirt! Even after all that heat. I know. Here’s where the patience comes in handy.

Side Note: Don’t get eager with the iron. Make slow circles only and try not to get distracted by your favorite iPad game begging you to play. I got distracted and accidentally pushed a couple of the letters up off the shirt with the hot iron. Hence the slightly distressed look. It’s all good though.

Have fun and wear it PROUDLY! I know I will!

Mahal, Mrs. Cruz

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