Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots… Errybody!!

Well this morning was quite the surprise!

I got up, started to get ready for work, peed in a cup, took my ovulation test… the usual. And *blink blink blink* there was a smiley face! My ovulation predictor test was letting me know, “Hey! You’re having a surge and you’ll be releasing an egg soon!” Ahhh… It’s too early! I wasn’t supposed to go in to the doctor until tomorrow morning. Last month I didn’t even get a blinking smiley face until AFTER my trigger shot. I called my doctor’s office right at 8am asking what I should do!

They told me to come in right away so I could have an ultrasound done to see what was going on. They measured 5 follicles. Two on my right ovary and three on my left. Only ONE is the ripe enough for game day though. 21.9mm. The others were all 13mm or less. The doctor told me 18mm is a good size. Last cycle I had TWO good follicles. One measured 21mm and the other 23mm. So I guess I’m an underachiever this cycle. The doctor assured me that I have just as much of a chance getting pregnant with only one follicle as I do with two. He cited a new study that just came out but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was called! He also told me not to get my hopes up for twins this time. Uhm, hello… I will be ecstatic for ONE baby. TWO would just be icing on the cake! 


ImageTime for my trigger shot! Yippee! And while that ‘yippee’ is mostly sarcastic, it’s also kind of exciting. It’s such a relief knowing that we can move forward with the IUIs this cycle. There’s always a chance that the endometriosis will get in the way and ruin our plans. NO CYSTS. THANK GAWD. The nurse this time around was very nice and very patient with me. She gave me the shot and sent us on our way to the acupuncturist.

Side Note — I’ll be writing a post soon-ish about how much I love acupuncture. I found a new and amazing doctor. Last cycle I had a quack that didn’t know this from that. Anyways… I’ll save that story for a future post.

Poor Mr. Cruz. He has today off (a very rare thing). He was really looking forward to sleeping in. He stayed up late last night, played video games, chilled… And then at 7:30am this morning I come running into our bedroom yelling, “ALLEN YOU HAVE TO GET UP I THINK WE HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR BUT I HAVE TO WAIT TO CALL THEM AT 8 BUT GET UP BECAUSE I THINK WE HAVE TO GO!” He was pretty grumpy at me. But I was excited!

You know what’s great? Allen gets to be with me for the first IUI. Since it got moved up to tomorrow morning, he has the entire day off. He still won’t be able to go with me for the second IUI (on Monday) but I am thrilled that he can come tomorrow! He recently got promoted at work and he starts his super intense training on Monday. When we found out that that would most likely be an IUI day we were both pretty bummed that he wouldn’t be able to call off.


So here we go… round two. Lezz do this! #makinbabies

Mahal, Mrs. Cruz



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