Round Two — Our Second Chance IUI


Sunday 10:36am — Our first insemination for our second cycle trying IUI

As you can see from the photos above, I was pretty stoked to be trying again. Finding out that last month’s IUI failed was terrible. BUT… We were super thrilled to be able to try again. My doctor told me no jumping for two weeks sooo I had to get it out of my system PRE-IUI 🙂

Things did not go as smoothly as we had hoped they would. We have quickly learned that placing certain expectations on our situation is only set-up for heartbreak and pain. There are certain aspects of this infertility journey, however, that should and 99% of the time DO go as planned/expected. I’m referring to our donor sperm. Let me explain. The bank that we purchased out donor sperm is a very well respected bank. They comply with all of the FDAs regulations and rules. They heavily screen donors and only end up accepting 1% of all applicants. SO running into problems with our donor sperm was LAST on our list of things that could potentially go wrong. Dead last. Welcome to our luck, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome.

The doctor came in to the room and told Allen and I that the vial the lab had thawed and washed had only 3 million sperm. For those of you not in the infertility world, disregard the world “million” because it’s not as impressive an amount as you would think. My instant reaction was, “WHAT?!” Some perspective — 20+ million is ideal.

Super disappointing. The ONE variable that was supposed to be good within all of this sucky turned out to be sucky as well. We still went ahead with the insemination.

Oh and the cramping. Ohhh the cramping. I read about women who don’t cramp after their IUIs and I just scream at my computer, “WHAT IS IT LIKE?”

Monday 8:36am – Second insemination

The doctor called us on our way home from Sunday’s insemination to let us know he wanted to use two vials for our second insemination. So a total of three vials for one cycle. We bought six vials originally so that we could have two children from the same donor. SIX vials. Well… only on our second try and we’ve used up all but two.

The doctor comes in the room and tells us, again, that the counts are extremely low. They combined the two vials and still only had 8 million sperm. Goodness gracious. All of that hope and excitement flew out the door. He encouraged us to call the sperm bank and find out what our options were.

We are in the process of trying to get reimbursed. It’s unlikely that we will, but our lab is going to fill out all of the needed paperwork and help us as best as they can. It might be awhile before we find anything out. In the meantime we have all of these questions and uncertainties running through our minds. Will we have to find a new donor? Will we even be able to find another full Filipino donor? Will we be reimbursed for the subpar vials we purchased? How many more thousands of dollars will have to be spent? Will this cycle’s IUI work? Will the extremely low counts give us any chance at all to get pregnant? If I do get pregnant, will we ever be able to give our child a biological brother or sister?

The one question that we have answered right now… Will we have enough sperm to do a third round of IUIs? Will the two vials be enough? Our doctor told us no. No matter what, we will need to purchase more… Whether it’s to keep trying for our first child or to try for a brother or sister.

So much is up in the air right now. Today marked DAY 1 of the Two Week Wait (TWW). I spent the day on the phone with our sperm bank.

I have a goal for this TWW. I want to keep myself busy with projects. Small or large. So today I worked on a new set of hand-woven trivets for our kitchen. I finished one and plan on making a couple more. Maybe I’ll do a fun DIY post on how to do it. If anyone has suggestions for fun and non-physical things to do during a TWW, I’m all ears. The doctor I see for acupuncture made it very clear that I am not to jump/etc. I’m glad I got my fix in on Sunday morning before the first insemination.

Now I’m rambling. Goodnight!

Mahal, Mrs. Cruz

P.S. I still love and am grateful for our sperm donor but I’m not longer in a hugging mood.


One thought on “Round Two — Our Second Chance IUI

  1. Feeling overcome with sadness because of my own infertility struggles, I decided to have a pity party and look up infertility on Pinterest, where I found your blog. Sending so much positivity and hope your way!

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