We found out yesterday that our second round of IUIs was unsuccessful. Obviously, we’re very upset. Very sad. Frustrated. Disappointed. But we’re handling the news this time around much better. But where do we go from here? Surgery!

I had a baseline ultrasound appointment this morning. I’m very in tune with my body and I knew something was not right. Long story short, they are going to schedule me for surgery (hopefully this month). It has been 9 months since my last laparoscopy.

Image(Post surgery with my handsome husband- March 2013)

My doctor originally anticipated me having a 3-6 month window of time after surgery without being heavily affected by the endometriosis. So I’m pretty happy with making it for 9 months. But it’s time. I can feel that something is not right. It’s time to clean out all of this “bad tissue” and painful endometriosis again.

You know your life is something strange when you are excited to get surgery.

It will be a clean slate (so to speak) for my reproductive system. My first cycle after the surgery we will dive back in head first with another IUI. We will be changing it up a bit. It will be a little more intense. I don’t have specifics yet but I really am still excited. I’m trying my best to stay hopeful!

This will be my third surgery in the last 12 months. It’s almost comical. I’m getting pretty good at it.


(Post surgery – December 2012)

It’ll be nice to have a month or so off (emotionally) from trying to get pregnant. I’m excited to let my body heal and start fresh. There are many things still up in the air and I don’t have many details but I trust my doctor 100% and Allen and I have an INCREDIBLE support system. Our family, friends and co-workers have been truly wonderful.

Mahal, Mrs. Cruz


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