Today is awesome because…

Today is awesome because:

1. I walked outside to get the mail. Without falling over or getting dizzy. Major progress, people!

2. I made myself lunch. A can of soup. But still…

3. One of Allen’s awesome music friends, Hannah — from the band Kodachrome Babies, mailed me a little care package with a very lovely note. Allen really does have some amazing music friends. And now I do too. This totally brightened my day. Thank you, Hannah!

I had a dream today while I was napping that someone rang our doorbell. Then I woke up and saw fresh footprints in the snow outside our door. If that was you… Hi! Sorry I missed you. It’s terribly difficult to wake me up.

I’d also like to add that a girl can only spend so much time on Pinterest. I cannot stand not doing anything. I’ve been restricted to lifting no more than 5lbs. WHAT?! I know. Last time I only had a 20lb. restriction. So even though I’m feeling a bit better and can stand firmly on two feet without my legs buckling like a fawn I still can’t really do much. I’m feeling very useless in this house! I’m itching to be productive again. Get me out of here! Diagnosis: Mild Cabin Fever

Mahal, Mrs. Cruz


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