Good Morning

You wake up at 4:30am. 

You wince with such severity that you wake your partner up. 

“Are you okay?”

The physical pain that floods your body is there every single day. Some days you can hide it because your tolerance has gone up so much. Some days you can not move to get up out of bed when you wake up. 

You are eventually able to sit up in bed with the help of your partner. They help swing your legs to the side of the bed. 

You try to stand up. 

Your knees buckle and you fall back on to the bed. 

“It’s okay. I’ll help you get to the bathroom.”

You sigh. You sigh LOUD. You are frustrated. 

Your partner is supporting one side of your body while your cane is supporting the opposite. 

You make it to the bathroom. 

All you had to do was pee. 

You get back to bed and your partner helps to swing your legs back into a resting position. 

Your right side is tingly and numb. 

“Let me get you your medications and then I’ll massage that leg.”

You burst into tears. This is all wrong. 

It’s now 4:50am and your partner only got home from their job at 3:00am. They slept a total of 90 minutes. 

You and your partner are awake now. 

Good morning. 

Mahal, Mrs. Cruz


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