My mom makes sure I’m not skinny

Now, I’m not just writing this because it fits the occasion. But I truly don’t know what Theresa and I would be doing right now without our mothers. Given the unique circumstances we’ve had to put up with these last 5 years, my mother-in-law Susan has been a stable brick shelter for us. Susan gave us strength when we were feeling weak, she’s given us her time when we constantly ran out of it, and she provided us with hope when all we could see was the dark side. Personally, I get so overwhelmed and anxious about all the medical bills we receive on the daily. But Susan is a guiding bolt and a helping hand, she takes it upon herself to file and show me what needs to be done.

When I came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago we were trying to figure out who would be able to take care of me. Susan needs to go back to work, and Theresa is limited with certain things. I was restricted from lifting anything above 10 pounds and even if I wanted to, it hurt my scar too much and it felt like my stomach would burst at any minute. Who did I call to help us? It wasn’t the Ghostbusters. My mom (who lives in Illinois) was planning to come anyway but hearing her say that’d she’d come to take care of us, almost made me ball my eyes out while I was sitting there cradling my “pain pouch.” My mother Sherry cleaned our house, and basically did every chore I couldn’t and more. And as a bonus my little sister came along, the adorable bundle of 5 year old joy was able to put some brightness in our home. My sister loves Theresa. They hang out every day and play games, she learns a ton from her.

But here’s the thing, it wasn’t just our moms who came to take care of us. My aunt was the pre-lude to my mom arriving, she came from Michigan just to cook us dinner and check in on me. Every mom and grandmother from the dance studio that brought us meals so Theresa and I wouldn’t have to worry about food, has been such a blessing. This whole experience has been the definitive example of why we need our moms. They just want us to take care of us, in whatever way they know how. Mostly by food, and that’s pretty much the best thing anyone can do for any other person.

Have a truly happy mother’s day. I have two amazing moms, and I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have them in my life.

Mahal, Mr. Cruz


(Picture is from Easter 2016)


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